Energy costs have gone UP as much as 7.6% in some New England States...

NESG works with, commercial and industrial business and municipalities to provide clean energy solutions. These solutions include:


On-site Generation – We can work with you to design, construct, install and operate a solar array on your premises as a turnkey solution.  NESG will operate the array while you sign a Power Purchase Agreement that locks in savings over time.


Virtual Net Metering  - You can tap into regional, remote solar arrays not on your property and receive attractive long-term power rates by signing a Net Metering PPA..


You can consume clean energy and achieve your sustainability goals in a cost effective way.

Public Sector


Local Municipalities, schools, public works departments and other public sector are ideal candidates to leverage clean solar power.


NESG can turn idle rooftops, land, and landfills into revenue generators. At the same time, municipalities can reduce their annual electricity bills by producing and consuming their own power. Additionally, local towns can achieve their sustainability goals by using clean energy.


How does it work? NESG will design, construct and operate the solar systems. Lease land from municipalities and request a PILOT tax payment on the equipment. In turn, local Towns will sign Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) that will lock-in lower rates and protect against inevitable rate inflation.  The combination of these three economic values can ZERO out Town's electric expenses!