85% of all buildings in the USA are unable to install Solar...


Community Solar Gardens are the newest niche within the solar industry. Solar installations need the proper roof or ground orientation, can not be shaded by surrounding trees or buildings & are not affordable for everybody.  


Community Solar Gardens solve all those challenges by siting an array at a prime location and once installed can share the power with anybody that is in the same utility service area via the existing utility infrastructure.


Think of it like a Food CoOp.  Once you sign up, the benefits of saving 10% off your electric bill begin because you are a member of a large buying group.

How does it work? In NH, you stay on your current Utility's default service (aka generation or supply rate), Sign up with NESG at a specific rate for our default service rate (cents/kWhs) and we pay you a SOLAR REBATE based on your annual kWh usage to provide a specific rate for the power.

It's that simple!