Energy Savings is your Choice...

We develop commercial scale Community Solar Gardens for different ownership groups. Our core consulting competencies include site analysis, local entitlement, interfacing with utilities and localities, design and financial engineering.  


On the development side, we actively work with experts along the development spectrum including EPCs and tax equity investors. For our energy user customers, we offer attractive Power Purchaser Agreements (PPA) for a wide range of energy consumers. And, we help municipalities, universities, hospitals, public sector entities and others meet their sustainability goals.  And we ALWAYS invite residential customers to join our Community Solar Gardens!


We consult with EPC's, tax equity investors and energy brokers to maximize project outcomes.


Mr. Fenner is founder and principal of NESG and is responsible for land use consultation, land acquisition, relationship management, permitting, community solar coordination, PPA's, NMA's, and general project management.

Mr. Kellar is SVP of Project Development and is responsible for land acquisition, local, State & Utility permitting, Energy contracting (PPAs), fund management, community relations and general project management.

Finn is co-founder of NESG and is responsible for wetlands inspection, priority habitat surveying, turtle sweeps and general compliance with all DEP and Conservation Commission regulations. 

Mr. Redding is the Director of Engineering & Operations and is responsible for all aspects of NESGs permitting, land use and operational compliance across all projects.

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